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The idea of Damas was born in Damascus, one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean region, which is the southern branch of the Silk Road - an ancient trade route. It is thanks to active trade, which took place as early as in the second century BC, that the flavour of Mediterranean cuisine is so rich. The owners - travellers, enthusiasts of real Mediterranean cuisine - decided to transfer the quintessence of its flavours and aromas to Polish homes: delicious, unique recipes of traditional and homemade Mediterranean dishes, inspired by sunny corners of the world, discovering the taste of real oil, lime and spices.

We have been present in the Polish market for over 15 years. Our success is due to our attention to the highest quality and freshness of our products, which are a guarantee of rich taste and healthy eating. We offer: selection of suppliers based on product quality and our own experience, more than 1000 goods from all Mediterranean countries. All products have been previously purchased and tested by our tasters. Every day we prepare and deliver fresh products. The offer also includes: spices and herbs, dried fruit and nuts, coffee and tea, drinks, sauces and pastes, fresh bread, bulk products (such as groats, rice or lentils), snacks, fresh milk products, sweets, pastas, oils and fats, as well as cosmetics and kitchen accessories.

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